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Terms and conditions for the use of the websit

Terms of Use

I. Terms and conditions

Sofia Dom Real Estate Agency gives access to the information presented on our websites, following the terms and conditions, as stated here as well as the terms of the Bulgarian Law on Personal Data Protection.
Please read carefully the Terms of use and the Personal Data Protection Conditions. These two documents contain the conditions of access and use of our websites. If you do not accept them as stated here, please do not use a website, supported by Sofia Dom Real Estate Agency!
The use of any of our websites will be considered an agreement with the requirements specified here.
Sofia Dom Real Estate Agency reserves the right to change the present conditions – they have been last updated on 22.07.2016.

Conceded information content

Sofia Dom Real Estate websites offer information with records for searching and offering real estate properties (referred to as offers for sale and real estate property search request here, and in the websites contents) on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, corporative information, articles and news with materials of our own or citing other sources, focusing on real estate business, market, the realization of real estate deals, giving credits, statistical and geographical information from other sources, own statistical information on the average prices of real estate property in Bulgaria, images, graphic images, and other materials, related to the sphere of activity of Sofia Dom Real Estate Agency.
The criteria of searching for real estate information, the ways in which the information is presented, its content, and the opportunities for its use by users and partners, is a part of the corporate practice and conception of Sofia Dom, concerning the real estate offering on the Internet. These can be changed and developed on Sofia Dom’s initiative taking into consideration the development of real estate business.

Ways of gathering and presenting offers and real estate search requests on Sofia Dom website.

The real estate brokers and the administrators working in Sofia Dom Ltd. gather, process, and submit the offers and the search requests in the corporative administrative system. The information is submitted by the clients of Sofia Dom in connection with the realized sphere of action of the company, namely consulting and intermediary service in real estate property deals.
A part of the offers and search requests are submitted online by Internet-users, with the help of the search request forms presented on the websites of Sofia Dom.

II. Providing real estate offers to third parties – free access policy

1. Sofia Dom gives the opportunity to all real estate agencies in Bulgaria and abroad, as well as companies, working professionally in the sphere of real estate intermediation and consulting, TO USE, ADVERTISE, AND OFFER BY THEIR NAMES the real estate properties on Sofia Dom web site, by copying the information to their web sites and offer or advertise them in other ways with the purpose of realizing deals, and upon the following terms and conditions:
2. Sofia Dom must be notified by the interested persons of their intention to use the real estate information on Sofia Dom web site on
3. The offers of Sofia Dom Real Estate Agency can be used and offered only by professional consulting and intermediary companies, working in the sphere of teal estate property, and only with the purpose of realizing real estate deals
4. Relations between the parties, resulting from acts as by item 1, are set by a contract
5. Sofia Dom never gives the persons as by item 3 of this contract, information concerning contact information and personal data of the owners of the real estate properties, but only a description of these properties, prepared by the corporate policy rules of Sofia Dom and presented in the public part of its database.
6. As a result of the condition stated in item 5, the persons as by item 3 can not establish a direct contact with the clients of Sofia Dom. If such is, however, established, Sofia Dom will accept it not a part of the relations regulated here, and is not responsible for any negative consequences that may happen.
7. The persons specified in item 3 are obliged to present and advertise the offered information in a correct and accurate way, as it is presented by Sofia Dom. Those, who bear responsibility for the way the information is presented, interpreted or used by the people it is offered to, are these people themselves, as they give the real estate offers by their name to Sofia Dom with all consequences resulting from this fact.
8. Taking into consideration the specific nature of the intermediary in real estate deals, upon using the presented information, the users are obliged to state the source, namely Sofia Dom Real Estate Agency.
9. Apart form its main goal – real estate realizations, Sofia Dom offers can not be used with the purpose of image advertisement of the company offering them. In such cases Sofia Dom has the right to CLAIM DAMAGES and to require the termination of the usage of the offers.
10. Sofia Dom has the right not to present its offers to certain people, having claims as stated in item 2, as well as to demand from the people, being given an opportunity as in item 1.1, to terminate the presentation of its offers, with no need of motivation for its decision, except in the cases when something else is stated in a written contract between the parties.

Links to Sofia Dom web site

Sofia Dom gives the opportunity to all who may be interested to make links to its websites, with no need of a preliminary notification or a permission.
Sofia Dom can demand the termination of an existing link, if a method of representing a certain part of Sofia Dom web site as if owned by the persons using the link is exercised, without an agreement with Sofia Dom.

Trade mark protection

Sofia Dom is a trade mark of Sofia DomLtd. with all consequences resulting from this fact by The Law of the Trade Marks and the under law normative acts.